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Which LimitAntónio Arroio
Art School Collective

Photography has been defining throughout its history through the visual editing of what surround us, contemplating the functions of the archival document or covering the “optical unconscious” unveiling. Currently new challenges arise which impose other definitions, between truth and untruth, between reality and fiction, between the physical registration and the virtual immateriality.

The traditional points of contact with the image also broaden its spectrum. Currently photography establishes itself in the legitimity of the exhibition space and in the dynamics of social validation, but simultaneously shares itself in the democracy of the small screen. Picking that reality, it was decided that the students of the Photography Specialization of the Audiovisual Communication Course would be challenged to develop their visual researches around the idea of limit, a premise that enabled them to incorporate the technical and cultural constraints, but also the plastic freedom intrinsic to the interdisciplinarity of their artistic education.

The proposals that create a link between the classroom and the new visualization “wall” of RAUM’s online platform, materialize in a rhizomatic web of possibilities ranging from the territorial landscape to the unknown space, from the mimesis of reality to the fiction of an alternative fact, from the recognition of “self” to the uniformization of the identity. A summary of concerns that impose in the current stage of the photographic imaginary and that propose themselves to the artistic residence in the new limits of the photographic.

CuratorsBruno Santos, João Ribeiro e José Batista Marques

ParticipantsAna Albuquerque, Ana Farinha, Ana Sofia, Carolina Pires, Cecília Oliveira, David Dias, Fátima Brito, Janaina Gonçalves, João Rebelo, Joana Jacques, Marta Fróis, Oleksandr Tkachenko, Rita Raposo, Rita Soares, Sara Vigário e Susana Neves.

António Arroio Art SchoolColective Project