an online platform hosting residencies of artists, with the support of structures active in the domains of artistic creation, teaching and diffusion - namely university research units, publishing projects, museums, visual arts schools and independent art projects. The art fields considered are photography and visual arts, film, architecture, graphic design, music and sound art.

Our partners are invited to start creative processes to be materialized in the guest artists' proposals: investigative texts, visual and audio essays and art work specifically developed for the platform.


raum: is a project by Terceiro Direito, an association which operates as a creative platform for research and diffusion in contemporary arts.

Sandra Vieira Jürgens

Artistic director, coordinator and editor

Pedro dos Reis

Visual Arts and Photography

Paulo T. Silva

Graphic Design

Susana Mouzinho

Film and Music/Sound Art

José Luís Neto


Marcelo Felix


Mário Martins


Cristina Campos

Visual Arts

v-a · studio

Web Design and Development


the Raum platform is generously supported by the following institutions and entities:

Museu Coleção BerardoMNAC - Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do ChiadoABSOLUTE - Classic Yacht HardwareCâmara Municipal de LisboaGoverno de Portugal - Secretário de Estado da CulturaDireção Geral das Artes