About the project

Passing Planet 8989 on board Starship Enterprise, Spock tells Captain Kirk that this very planet is made of Nothing, and its inhabitants are artists (Episode of Star Trek by William Shatner)

Voids Happens, anything else too
– Henri Bergson, Cahiers

The future is now. For the same casualty described by Spock and with the intent of capturing the links between the discursive and non-discursive, a spaceship coming from planet 8989 travels to Earth, not in search of the nothingness that is very particular to artists, but in search for another totalizing apparatus that for them is strange and familiar at the same time: this hunt for the nothingness that exists in power, in the physical and phenomenal world, distinct from the matter out of the nothingness on planet 8989, entails the discovery of the necessity, as observers, of an allocation to a given position, topologically as well as ideologically, as these are well placed to define and articulate knowledge and power. Nothing is better than nothing and this is the map of the void that is here, an atlas of representations trapped by perceptions.

Void, VoidAntónio Caramelo