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Stuck on

Seeing images online (almost always) implies seeing them on a screen that quickly changes from a support and luminous canvas to a given a priori unnoticed and seemingly neutral.
Finding images of art works online is a completely different experience from being with the works for real. Photographic cameras have very different sensibility to light contrasts from our optical perception. The conical perspective is not precisely the grid through which we see the world. Our body is absent, and when it is not it stands as a hindrance. The online context is a world where we are foreigners. We are more similar to a monkey than to an iPhone – and so are the works we make.
Luísa Jacinto’s work is rooted in painting research, through an experimental process from which result paintings, drawings, installations, videos. STUCK ON is made in the context of an online residency - the invitation to produce work meant to be online and live, a piece for the screen. In video graphic support, STUCK ON addresses, on the one hand, the multiple failures of the screen as a tool and physical surface of distribution and, on the other hand, the stubborn request of painting’s material support – for more time.

Luísa Jacinto was born in 1984. Lives and works in Lisboa. She frequented the International Study Programme of Maumaus in 2017 and finished her MA at the Central Saint Martins – Byam Shaw School of Art in 2009.
Luísa Jacinto has exhibited regularly since 2007. Of special note among her solo exhibitions are An instant of this, galería silvestre, Madrid, 2016; Roda que roda, à volta do quarto, curated by Fátima Lambert, Museu Soares dos Reis e Quase Galeria, Porto, 2015; A single day is enough, curated by João Miguel Fernandes Jorge, Museu Carlos Machado, Azores, 2012. Of special note among her collective exhibitions are: Pontos Colaterais, Coleção de Arte Arquipélago, a selection, curated by João Silvério, Arquipélago, S. Miguel, 2015; and 17 Ingredients – Measures of Autonomy, curated by Shama Khanna and Blanche Craig, Studio One, London, UK 2009.

Stuck onLuísa Jacinto