ConstruçãoÂngelo Lopes, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

Catxupa Q’CabelBob Lima, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

Spia MontraCésar Schofield Cardoso, born in São Vicente and lives in Santiago.

Prazo de ValidadeEdson Silva Delgado, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

Tatuagem FADB2Evanilda Napoleão, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

Bolacha D’ SoncentHelder Doca, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

Cão Para TodosJoão Brito, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

A Vida Quotidiana de TonyJoão Dongo, born in São Vicente and lives in São Vicente.

Do InteriorMarcos Rocha de Pina, born in Brava and lives in Fogo.

NôteMoisès Estrela, born in Sal and lives in Sal.

EspaçoNenass Almeida, born in São Vicente and lives in Santiago.

Táxi 45Sheila de Oliveira, born in Sal and lives in Sal.

Catchupa FactoryWithin the Catchupa Factory – New Photographers initiative, launched in May 2016, took place the Photography Project Course, which involved 12 Capeverdian photographers from different islands.
The goal was to encourage the creation of a documentary photography project with an emphasis on the editing and narrative sequencing construction. Everyone replied to the proposed exercise in an almost unified manner: with the Mindelo city as backdrop, the projects presented reflected social, cultural and economic concerns.
Setting off from varying degrees of knowledge about the city (and resorting to different strategies along the way), each author has walked through or inhabited different spaces (isn’t photography, after all, also a performative act?). In some instances the narrative occurs in the most intimate places, while in other cases the photographers were forced to move around unknown territory. Within such a broad scope of approaches, the most visible feature might be related to an attitude of transgression towards the very notions of center and periphery. In a city whose own geography and urban development determines, in such a pronounced manner, the place of different sociabilities, what we can see in these projects is a disruption of borders and centralities.
In shifting the photography projects to this prominently visual and interactive platform, we wanted to emphasize some of these aspects. In which way were the dispersion and location of viewpoints conditioned by each author’s biography, by feelings of belonging, detachment, curiosity or desire?
Catchupa Factory – New Photographers is an initiative of AOJE and it had the support of the Ministry of Culture of Cape Verde and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; the Photography Project Course was directed by António Júlio Duarte and Diogo Bento in conjunction with Pedro dos Reis (of RAUM) and Miguel Rodrigues as participating guests, who conducted a workshop and talk around photography and digital space, between the 16th and 18th of May, in the context of the initiative Raum: in Cape Verde, with the support of Direcção-Geral das Artes.

Ângelo Lopes, São Vicente
Bob Lima, São Vicente
Catxupa Q’Cabel
César Schofield Cardoso, Santiago
Spia Montra
Edson Silva Delgado, São Vicente
Prazo de Validade
Evanilda Napoleão, São Vicente
Tatuagem FADB2
Helder Doca, São Vicente
Bolacha D’ Soncent
João Brito, São Vicente
Cão Para Todos
João Dongo, São Vicente
A Vida Quotidiana de Tony
Marcos Rocha de Pina, Fogo
Do Interior
Moisès Estrela, Sal
Nenass Almeida, Santiago
Sheila de Oliveira, Sal
Táxi 45
Catchupa FactoryColective Project